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Lines, Creases, Folds & Furrows

The biggest anti-aging concern has always been wrinkles. From finding the best anti-wrinkle cream to changing lifestyle habits, most women (and many men) are focused on preventing wrinkles. Our patients always ask, “How can I get rid of my wrinkles?”

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A wrinkle is a line or a crease on the surface of the skin. Wrinkles are caused by the breakdown of the skin’s connective fibres,collagen and elastin. As the skin’s texture changes, becoming thinner and rougher, the repetitive movement of the underlying muscles cause wrinkles to form in the upper layers of the skin.
Lines, creases, folds, crow’s feet and brow furrows are some of the many types of wrinkles that can be found on the face.
Unfortunately, there is no one easy solution to completely get rid of wrinkles. However, the appearance of wrinkles can be improved with one or a combination of the following anti-wrinkle treatments:

As dermatologists, we can help you in your anti-wrinkle quest by reviewing your wrinkle concerns and properly assessing your skin. From there we will recommend the appropriate anti-aging technique to help you achieve the fresher, younger look that you are after.

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