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Aging Skin

Wrinkles, Spots, Dryness and More

As you age, many different changes take place in your face.
The most obvious signs of aging skin are wrinkles, expression lines and pigmentation changes such as age or brown spots. Your skin also becomes drier and thinner. The skin then eventually begins its downward descent (‘sagging skin’) and loses its fullness. This loss of volume is seen with hollow cheeks, eye sockets and soft chins.
Other lesser-known visual symptoms of aging include visible blood vessels and unwanted hair growth (while other hair on the body disappears!).

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There are two terms used to describe aging skin: There is intrinsic, or chronological, aging which refers to diminishing levels of collagen and elastin in the dermis; and extrinsic aging. This latter type of aging is a combination of external factors that can prematurely age the skin, such as:

  • sun damage
  • pollution
  • smoking
  • stress
  • diet
There are countless cosmetic treatments for aging skin available on the market today. We selectively offer some of the more effective anti-aging skin procedures, including:

Aging of the skin is an important focus of our work at SkinFitMD in Surrey, BC. As dermatologists, we understand the how the aging process takes a toll on your skin, and can make you look years older than you feel. We can recommend the best skin care for aging skin along with the most suitable anti-aging skin procedures to meet your needs.

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