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SkinFit Lift

Combines the benefits of different non-invasive non-surgical facial and neck treatments.

We combine lasers and energy based devices, wrinkle relaxing treatments, and dermal fillers to provide the ultimate in non-surgical skin rejuvenation.
Skin texture and pigmentation is first addressed through laser therapy, such as IPL or Fraxel Dual.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The injectable treatments (Botox and dermal filler) are brought in to tackle isolated wrinkles and volume loss. Botox will relax and soften lines predominantly in the upper face. Dermal filler will contour and redefine areas under the eyes such as the eye sockets, cheeks, lips, chin and jawline.
Thermage nonsurgical skin tightening or Belkyra for the treatment of excessive chin fullness can be added in select cases where it may benefit the final end result.

Finally, you will be prescribed a maintenance skin care regimen to protect and maintain the benefits.

  • Combines the benefits of different non-invasive non-surgical facial and neck treatments
  • “Facelift” without the surgery
  • Creates an overall younger look
  • Minimal downtime
For details on what to expect during each facial treatment, please see the Fraxel, Thermage, Botox Cosmetic, Belkyra and dermal fillers pages.

The injectable treatments will be done during the same session. You may experience some short-term bruising or tenderness around the injection sites after the treatment.

Some results from the Botox and dermal filler will be seen immediately, but the full effects of this non-surgical cosmetic facelift may take several weeks to appear. Your dermatologist will describe the timeline based on which combination skin rejuvenation treatment is being prescribed.

There are only a few cosmetic dermatology clinics in the Lower Mainland that offer a combination therapy non-surgical facial treatment; and we are currently the only clinic in Surrey, White Rock and Langley providing this type of cosmetic “facelift”.

We feel the success of this full-face rejuvenation treatment requires the knowledge and expertise of a dermatologist, paired with ample experience in injectables and laser therapy.

Contact us to see how a facelift without surgery can help reveal a younger, natural-looking face.


  • Combines the benefits of three types of facial treatments
  • Facelift without the surgery
  • Minimal downtime
  • Creates an overall younger look
  • Minimal downtime


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