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Excessive Sweating

Affects up to two percent of Canadian adults

It’s estimated that hyperhidrosis affects up to two percent of Canadian adults, yet very few sufferers have felt comfortable enough to speak to their doctor about it.

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Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that involves excessive sweating—more than required for normal regulation of your body’s temperature. It is most commonly experienced on the underarms, hands, face, and feet.

Because of the social stigma attached, excessive sweating can become a very embarrassing problem that can seriously affect your self-confidence, personal relationships, professional life and recreational activities.

Excessive sweating can be effectively managed with medication, without having to resort to surgical removal of the sweat glands:

There is no need to suffer in silence—SkinFitMD in Surrey understands how debilitating and embarrassing hyperhidrosis sweating can be.
Dr. Hong was one the first specialists to administer Botox therapeutic injections in the Surrey and White Rock area to treat excessive sweating; he now runs one of the largest treatment facilities for hyperhidrosis in Western Canada.

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