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Brown Spots, Sun Spots & Age Spots

Pigmentation is a term that covers a wide range of skin discoloration issues from freckling and brown spots, to moles and melasma.

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Skin pigmentation or hyperpigmentation occurs when areas of the skin become abnormally discoloured. This hyperpigmentation is usually – but not always – due to an increase in melanin production. It may be caused by sun damage, hormone changes or skin injuries such as acne.
Age Spots or Sun Spots: These are brownish pigmentations that surface as a result of overexposure to the sun. Over time a decrease in the number and function of melanin pigment cells causes the development of age/sun spots.
Brown Spots: This term is commonly used for any dark skin mark, such as birthmarks, age spots and moles. In dermatology, brown spots are considered the same as age and sun spots.
Freckles: Often a hereditary skin discolouration to begin with, increased freckling is on the face, upper chest, back and shoulders is the result of sun damage.
Melasma: Hyperpigmentation characterized by irregular brown patches on the skin (see separate page for more information).
Moles: These brown or black growths on the skin come in many different shapes and sizes. Moles should be carefully watched for signs of change, which could be associated with melanoma skin cancer.
As a dermatologst, Dr. Hong can first determine what type of pigmentation that we are dealing with and ensure that it is nothing to be worried about. Once we’ve concluded that the skin disolouration is benign, we will be able to recommend the most appropriate treatment to remove or reduce the hyperpigmention on your skin.

We have treated all types of brown spots in patients from Surrey, White Rock and Langley—and throughout the Fraser Valley.

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