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Enlarged Pores

Minimize Large Pores

Page upon page of finely airbrushed skin on magazine models can quash your confidence in your skin. But the reality is, without digital photo editing, we’d probably see a lot more skin issues on their faces including enlarged pores.

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A pore is a hair follicle opening in the surface of your skin. If pores become clogged, the skin’s texture is affected and enlarged pores appear. Large pores are usually seen around the nose, cheeks and chin.

Often coupled with acne, large pores can also be the result of poor exfoliation, aging, sun damage or genetics.

There are several methods to help clear and minimize pores:

Since large pores are such a common problem, there are a multitude of skin and cosmetic products on the market that claim to help minimize pores. However, if enlarged pores aren’t treated early on, they can worsen and eventually only medical-grade treatments will provide any reduction in size.

At SkinFitMD in Surrey, BC, we will assess the root problem of your enlarged pores and recommend the most appropriate treatment to tighten, refine and minimize your pores.

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