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Irregular Brown Patches on the Skin

If you have blotchy or patchy brown discolouration on your skin, you may have a skin condition called melasma.

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Melasma (also known as chloasma or the ‘mask of pregnancy’) is a skin disorder in which brown patches develop on the skin. This unusual discolouration of the skin is usually present on the face, particulary the cheeks, forehead and upper lip area, as well as along the jawline. Sometimes melasma can be found on the neck, chest and forearms.
The brown patches on the skin are due to an increased production of melanin related to hormonal changes (i.e. pregnancy, birth control pills) or prolonged sun exposure over many years. Mainly found on women’s skin, melasma can affect men as well.

Note: Sun protection is an important part of treatment for melasma, since the skin discolouration will continue to darken with sun exposure. We recommend a combination of regular and mineral sunscreen products to properly protect the skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation, especially for patients with melasma.

We have successfully treated many patients in the Surrey, White Rock and Langley areas with this type of discolouration of the skin.
Melasma is a skin condition that if treated improperly, may worsen. As dermatologists, we will be able to classify your type of melasma and recommend the most appropriate treatment for remedying the brown patches on your skin.

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