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Sagging or Loose Skin

Downward Descent of Loose Skin

As you age, the skin on your face takes the brunt of the damage from sun, pollution, stress and other lifestyle factors in the form of wrinkles and loose skin. Add genetics, weight loss and the effects of gravity to the mix, and your skin can sag significantly downwards.

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Sagging skin is a result of the breakdown of collagen and elastin, the skin’s supporting structure. Collagen keeps the skin tight and young looking; while elastin provides skin with the ability to stretch and spring back into shape.
Some of the most problematic areas for loose skin on the face are:

  • ‘Hooded’ or drooping eyelids
  • Eye bags
  • ‘Jowls’ (jawline)
  • Neck
Loose or sagging skin requires more intervention than a thorough skincare program with expensive skin creams, toners and serums. The most drastic measure is a surgical face-lift. As a non-invasive alternative, we address loose skin with these tightening treatments:

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