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There are so many places offering cosmetic procedures from ‘medi-spas’ and ‘laser centres’ to even your dentist’s office. How do you know the best place to go?

Many people will act on a recommendation, but really the single most important factor in achieving a successful result from a cosmetic procedure is choosing the right physician—someone who is not only a skin specialist, but also has the proper training and qualifications in laser medicine and cosmetic injectables.

Unfortunately, there are countless places that lure patients in with cut-rate Botox injections and discounted laser treatments. Based on some of the results we have seen, it’s always safer to go by experience and reputation, not by price and sales pitch.

At SkinFitMD in Surrey, BC, our doctors are cosmetic dermatologists, highly skilled skin professionals with an impressive range of aesthetic applications and technological tools.

What is a Cosmetic Dermatologist?

A dermatologist is a trained and qualified physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating skin, hair and nail health issues. In Canada a dermatologist has received an additional five years of advanced dermatology training after earning their medical degree.

Cosmetic dermatology is a subspecialty that focuses on improving the appearance of the skin. Most cosmetic dermatologists’ practices concentrate on skin concerns such as aging, skin cancer, diseases (acne, rosacea), skin resurfacing, visible veins and unwanted hair.

A cosmetic physician has very little to no formal training in dermatology or skin. They are usually general or family physicians who have chosen to focus on aesthetics, but are not skin specialists. The letters FRCPC that follow a dermatologist’s name, certify that they are a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada, which recognizes that they are a highly trained medical specialist.

Skin Specialists for Surrey, White Rock, Langley & Burnaby

Our cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Hong is board certified in dermatology in Canada and the USA. His comprehensive knowledge of skin diseases and the anatomy, physiology and therapy of skin enables them to choose the best treatment programs for each and every one of their patients.

Dr. Hong has comprehensive training and extensive experience in all of the procedures offered at SkinFitMD, with excellent results. The doctor is involved in every treatment, meeting with each patient and personally administering all injections.

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